ICT Escalator & University of Bedford

                            Click Here for More Information and a Link to the ICT Escalator Website Within the ICT Escalator Group - What could we do for you? If you already have a website, Ali can carry out a vulnerability test and assessment for you - to...

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud

To Cloud or Not to Cloud - Sage 50c, Sage 200c – Did you know this little c represents ‘Connected’ not Cloud! Yes they can be hosted locally or within the cloud, yet your connection and access is secure.   Those seeking the Clouds! Again Sage Live –...

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Draycir – Spindle Projects

Using the Draycir Spindle document management system has become second nature for automating document processes from quotes through to Order Acknowledgment, Invoice handling, Customer Statements, Purchase Orders & Payment Remittances.... I could go on - the list is...

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What did you Achieve today?

What did you Achieve today?   I’ve been visiting a client over the last few weeks – getting to know their Sage 200 systems. Helping them become more productive assisting with their Excel Management Accounts. There does seem to be a theme running here and...

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